What Every Church Must Have

I sat down to type out “What Every Church Needs.” I planned to write seven areas that churches simply must have.

Here were some of my ideas. A church must have Christ at the center, a love for and genuine interest in the Bible, and a hunger and thirst for righteousness. When I came to my fourth idea of what every church needs, I couldn’t get beyond it.

Every church must have a strong, central core of Christ followers who love the church and will do anything for it.

What is the anything? Let me give you a picture of what that looks like.

Ten years ago, we were two weeks after devastating Hurricane Katrina. The building of First Baptist Church was filled with Disaster Relief people from all over the south. Most of our people were either consumed with getting their houses and businesses back together or had not even returned from evacuation. People all around us were hurting and we were stretched very thin.

We lost almost all of our maintenance people.

As we met for worship (we never missed a service), I sent out a need. We needed people who were willing to clean toilets as we struggled to keep the building clean while we housed hundreds of people for six weeks.

I’ll never forget what happened. The first two people who volunteered (among a large number) were a woman who owned her own business and a medical doctor.

These are the kind of people every church simply must have. They are the ones who will do Whatever Is Necessary (W.I.N) to allow the church to carry out its purpose.

Now, for the question we all must ask: Am I a person upon whom Christ and His body can count no matter what?

God–and His church–are seeking those people.

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2 Responses

  1. Right on my brother. We preachers are only as good and useful, for the most part,, as those followers whom God has blessed us with. I tell people often “There are no unimportant people in our congregation.”

  2. Whatever is necessary. That certainly is the attitude of Jesus. He did whatever it took to save us. We must do the same especially in these tragic times. Thanks again for a very right on blog.

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