Children Need A Mom and A Dad

Sept.24Many children are raised by single parents. Many of those parents are hard working, deeply loving parents. They give their very best for their children.

If you are one of those parents, I am proud for what you’re doing.

Our  church does it’s best to support single parents. We are seeking to do more to encourage them and what they are doing. I see other churches doing the same.

We have Bible study classes for single moms. We have tried to let them know we love and encourage them. They are taking on a huge responsibility.

Recently, I wrote about Dr. Ben Carson and his being raised by a single mom. It’s a remarkable story. You can read what I said about that here:

In that blog I also wrote about what my wife – – Martha – – said as we discussed the Ben Carson story. Her words went something like this: “it’s hard to be raised by a single parent.”

Even at this point in our life, Martha aches for a father and longs to know a father’s love. We were created to have fathers and mothers. This is part of the natural law. It proceeds directly from God. He created us male and female and told us to be fruitful and multiply.

God’s plan is for one man and one woman who are married to each other to join together to raise children according to His purpose.

While we understand and seek to change the real, we should never give up on the ideal of God.

Here’s what we know: children who are raised by their biological mother and father who are married to one another do better in life. It’s indisputable.

Does this mean every mother and father get it right? Of course not. It does show us the ideal, and we should hold to the ideal. As followers of Christ we must speak the truth in love. In a world in which few people are speaking the truth, we must speak the truth.

What does this mean we must talk about?

The more the imperfect is encouraged, the more we must encourage the ideal. Therefore, we must talk more about biblical marriage and God’s plan for families.

We must talk about marriage and the ideal of one man and one woman for a lifetime – – a committed, covenant marriage.

We must encourage the importance of mothers and fathers who are married to one another. Cohabitation is an epidemic which is destroying the ideals of marriage and family. Sexual relationships before marriage and outside of marriage are creating tremendous hurt and pain.

People all around you are hurting – – many because of their own bad decisions. In spite of this, let us love them with the love of Christ and let us speak of the hope that comes only in Him.

The greatest thing that ever happened in my life was the day I expressed my simple faith in Christ. On that day the Holy Spirit came into my life. That one event transformed me and my future. I thank God for it, and I desire it for you and your family as well.

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