My Vision for Church

Vision counts.

Every group and every organization needs a vision. Vision answers the important questions. Every group needs to know why we exist and what matters to us.

I’d like to give you my vision for First Baptist Church. I recognize many people would think vision has to do with buildings, property, and growth.

For me vision is something else entirely.

What do I want to see in First Baptist Church?

First, I want to leave the youngest generation equipped to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. I want to leave the youngest generation with everything they need to live for Christ in the world and to help others know Him.

The generation being born now will be the largest in American history. They will have the opportunity to change the country for good or for evil. My goal is to help generation Z live for Christ and serve Him.

For that reason, we are planning to build our newest facility for preschoolers and children, the people of this newest generation we hope to equip to please the Lord Jesus Christ.

Second, I want First Baptist Church to be and be known as a committed group of followers of the Lord Jesus Christ who follow biblical teachings and who live out the love of Christ in their lives.

In order for that to happen we have to be people who know Scripture. We have to have teachers who not only teach Scripture but live biblical teachings.

Third, I want to first Baptist Church to be a place where people come to know Christ and experience transformation of character and life changing relationships. Years ago we established the purpose of FBC: “We exist to help people know and accept the Lord Jesus Christ and through Him experience life changing relationships.”

Would you join me in helping equip the church to carry out God’s work in our world?

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