Churches and Security

Dec.12Since last Wednesday, I have had numerous discussions about church and security.

Last Wednesday was the day of the San Bernardino massacre.

Some of these discussions have been long and involved; others have been only a few minutes of people lamenting the new situation in America.

It’s not just churches that people worry about; it’s any venue of any kind. Gun sales are reportedly “through the roof” after the events of last week.

What are churches to do?

First, we must take every step necessary to protect our people. This is nothing new. From providing safe transportation to caring for little children, churches have been discussing how to protect those who attend for a long time. The only difference today is the magnitude of the new issues we face.

To the people of FBC, I want to say that we will continue to add layers of protection for the people who worship with us. Some of this will be very public (so that those who are looking for a “soft target”) will not look at us, but others will be behind the scenes and discreet. You probably already know we do background checks for everyone who works with minors.

Let me assure you that we are talking, praying, and preparing so that we may worship our God and please Him without worrying about security. We will take measured steps so that we do the best job of protecting without hampering our mission as a church.

The real issue is how to provide for security as well as provide a loving, welcoming environment. It will call for us to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

Second, we must call upon God and depend on Him. Let us pray for peace, and let us pray that God would deliver us from the evil one.

Third, let us continue to invite our neighbors, family, and friends to worship and Bible Study. The people around us need the church, and we need them. Let us determine to be vigilant and unafraid because we trust in God.

Please pray for peace and protection.


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  1. Rick Neidhamer
    Dec 13, 2015

    Praying indeed for God’s protection of his people at all times, not just at church!

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