Sermons for 2016

What will 2016 be like?

We know what we’re dealing with now; what will we have to face in the new year?

Though we don’t know what we will face, we know God through His Word has prepared us for whatever we will experience.

Two emphases we will explore in 2016 are Holiness and Godliness.

The first series of sermons for the new year will be “Holiness: Learning to Live for God.” Later in the year we will think about “Godliness: Learning to Live Like God.”

Not many things in life are more important than learning to live for and like God.

We will look at holiness in this way: holiness means doing everything God wants and nothing He doesn’t.

2016 could be the most meaningful year of your life. Let’s get it off to a great start by thinking about everything God wants and nothing He doesn’t.


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