Four Things You Need to Know About FBC

There are certain things you need to know as you attend and serve in a church.

Here are four things about First Baptist Church.

1. Our Vision.

Years ago our church went through a long process of establishing who we are and what we want to do as a church. After a number of meetings, including congregational meetings, we adopted this statement as the purpose of First Baptist Church: “We exist to help people know and accept Jesus Christ and through Him experience life-changing relationships.”

2. The importance of Holy Scripture.

Every church has to have a system and a guide. Our guide for how we function as a church, what we believe, and how we behave is Holy Scripture. We want to be obedient to God and His Word.

To make that happen we have to be people who know Scripture and who have made a commitment to follow Scripture.

For this reason we are constantly encouraging people to be involved in a Saturday or Sunday Bible Fellowship Group. We also encourage people to take advantage of the several large group Bible studies that occur during the week.

3. The Importance and Role of the Congregation.

First Baptist Church is congregationally governed.  I serve with and under the congregation of First Baptist Church. We meet for congregational meetings and determine our government and the direction of our church.

Every member of the congregation is vital to the vision and ministry of First Baptist Church.

If the congregation is to govern the church, we must be spiritually mature, Spirit led, and biblically literate.

4. Church membership.

We ask people to make a formal declaration of membership. This determines who may serve, lead, and and vote on the direction of the church.

The church is made up of the people of God. Our church functions through those whom God has called and who give, pray, grow, and serve.

Thank you for reading through these important issues. Would you join me in reaffirming your commitment to serve God through this local congregation?

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