An Historic Time

I am gratified to be able to announce that we will hold a congregational meeting Wednesday, May 11, at 6:30 PM, in the church worship center.

This meeting will be for the purpose of hearing a recommendation from our Strategy Planning Team concerning our building expansion.

At this meeting, we will view general renderings of the building both inside and outside. We will not go through detailed drawings and explanations, leaving that to the work of the Strategy Planning Team.

We will get the specific areas to be built and the specific amount this will cost in the recommendation from the Strategy Planning Team.

This will be an historic time in the life of our church. I hope and pray that you will be a part of this meeting. It will only last an hour and will give us the opportunity to make a final decision about the building expansion.

As you know, we have previously voted to do the “civil work” for this building expansion. That work is now nearing completion, and we will be ready to immediately begin the building expansion, which will bring the building out of the ground for a completion in 2018.

I want to thank you for praying, considering, and giving for the expansion that we believe God has led us to accomplish. This new expansion will provide additional Bible study space in the form of a new building for preschool and children’s ministries. It also will provide a large Commons Area for gathering for fellowship in the body. Finally, it will provide the new Worship Center we planned almost 20 years ago.

We can all praise our God and give thanks for what he has done!

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