Why I’m Excited about FBC

I’m excited about First Baptist Church and our future.

Let me tell you why.

I’m obviously excited about expanding our building and the opportunities it will bring us in the future. Possibly at some other time, I can use my Lagniappe article to let you know how I see those possibilities. But, the expansion is not the reason for this article.

Here’s why I’m excited today about FBC.

First, I am excited about the opportunity to touch more than 1,000 children next week in Vacation Bible School. God has given favor to our church as we teach children. Our community obviously trusts our church to teach biblical truth and to care for all their children’s needs.

I love VBS because I remember the way it touched my life as a kid and because of how it will touch this generation for the future.

Second, I am excited about the number of people who tell me that FBC is an easy church to love and appreciate and that they “feel welcome.”

You are the reason people feel welcomed at FBC. They feel welcomed because of what you do.

I can’t remember the Bible encouraging us to welcome one another, but it does tell us to love one another, encourage one another, and care for one another. Thank you for being loving and caring toward others.

Third, I’m  excited to get to preach over the next few weeks. Today and the first Sunday in June (June 5) I will preach about Godliness. Next weekend we will finish our series and talk about finishing well and crossing the goal line.

On June 11–12, I’m excited to preach about “What Makes Us Baptist”. We have a rich heritage, and I’m looking forward to sharing that  with you.

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