What Shall We Do with Our Children?

What shall we do with our children?

No one would dispute the fact that the church must reach and teach its children with the good news of Jesus Christ.

The statement that the church is only one generation from paganism seems so true.

How do we reach and teach our children? Here are three basics for making a difference in the life of your children and in the future of the work of the kingdom.

First, take every opportunity to show and teach your children the faith you have in Christ. These will be both church opportunities and opportunities in your own home.

I would particularly encourage you in two areas. (1) Show your children your love for the Bible and teach them how to use it. Find a program – – like Bible Drills, Skills, and Thrills–to fill your child with a basic understanding of Scripture and how to get from place to place in the Bible. (2) Find an apologetics course geared toward children (and maybe one for adults as well). An apologetics course doesn’t apologize for Scripture. It gives the reason for the hope that you have in Christ Jesus (1 Peter 3:15). Your children will increasingly need this kind of training.

Second, be an example for your child in holiness And Godly living. Nothing works like a good parental witness.

I remember having teachers that didn’t measure up in terms of faithfulness, but they never harmed my faith. A strong witness at home can make an eternal difference in a child’s life.

Something you have caught is always better than something you were taught. Teachers, pastors, and parents can influence a child’s life for as long as they live by giving an example in holy and Godly living.

Third, be consistent. Administering discipline and modeling Scripture both demand consistency from adult teachers and leaders and parents. Be faithful and consistent and you will find plenty of followers to go with you through life.

Being a good parent and being a church that loves and teaches children is not easy. Both demand giving our best, undivided interest, and prayer for the welfare and future growth of those under our charge.

But, it’s worth everything it takes.

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2 Responses

  1. Please give an example of an apologetics course for children and one for youth/adults that I can consider for my family. Thanks!

    1. The Answers in Genesis program is what we have used for Children in our church. They have a whole curriculum for that. The teens have an Answers 4 teens book that they put out as well. We have done a book study in the youth area on Tim Keller’s book “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist”. I hope this helps.

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