It’s Not a Secret!

Several years ago I read about a little boy who couldn’t get the zipper to work on his jacket. We’ve all been there with the zipper thing. We couldn’t get the zipper to lineup, our arms weren’t long enough, or for whatever reason it simply wouldn’t work.

After several frustrating attempts, his grandmother said, “Here, let me help you. I’ll show you the secret of zipping your jacket.”

She then took both sides, put them together, and zipped it up saying, “there you go!”

After a long pause, the grandson asked in an exasperated manner, “Why does it have to be a secret?”

We are always hearing about secrets and the Bible.

Here’s the truth: “It’s not a secret.”

The Bible may contain hard sayings and strong challenges, but it’s not secretive. It’s open to everyone who will submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

I would simply say, If it’s advertised as a code or a secret, it’s not worth reading.

On the contrary, if it’s advertised as challenging or difficult, go for it.

Go for it because the Bible is challenging; the words of Jesus are demanding.

The New Testament was not written in classical Greek but the Greek of the common people. While the New Testament is amazing, it’s not a code or a secret.

The word is for you. It’s for people who will open their hearts to God and seek Him in the midst of Scripture.

I would encourage you to do three things as you prepare to open God’s Word.

First, ask God to make Himself known to you in Scripture.

God wants to know you and you to know Him. That’s why it’s called revelation (a word that means an unveiling). Jesus was not crucified in secret but in the open so that everyone could look upon Him.

Second, ask yourself what should I learn in Scripture that will change my life? Then, seek to know and understand God’s Word.

Finally, don’t give up. The more you read and the more you seek, the more God will make himself known.

It’s not a secret; it’s the Word of God.

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3 Responses

  1. May I add one more thing? Put down all those other books! One gal says to me too often, “Joyce Meyer says…..” I tell her, “Joyce Meyer did not die on the cross for you! Stop reading that stuff! Obviously her words have not helped you thus far!”

    So frustrating! People want short cuts. I figure if an author is alive they just want my money. Most of those books are self-help with scripture thrown in, that’s humanism, that’s filthy rags!!

    If Jesus is enough then the Bible is enough, there’s enough meat there to last a lifetime. Thanks for reading.

  2. I have to respectfully disagree Brenda. For instance, books such as C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christiantiy, The Abolition of Man, The Weight of Glory to name just a few are excellent works on Christianity and God’s grace and spiritual understanding.

  3. Sure Scott, I love C’s Lewis, a.w. Tozer, Herbert Lockyer and Clarence Larkin to name a few, they are all dead guys, they’re not in the game to get my money. 🙂

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