Who is Georgia Barnett–and What Difference Does It Make?

I hope you have seen special offering envelopes for the Georgia Barnette Offering.

You may be asking (I hope you are) who is Georgia Barnette and why should I consider giving an offering for this need?

Georgia Barnette loved Christ and worked to build His kingdom. She specifically worked with Louisiana Baptists to call us to support missions in our state and to take the gospel to as many people as possible.

Each year Louisiana Baptist churches receive an offering in her honor for establishing new churches in the state. Many of the mission churches in Louisiana (particularly in south Louisiana) began with the gifts of people just like you. I served a church in south Louisiana which began through the generosity and commitment of Louisiana Baptists.

Why should we take this offering and why should you give to support this work?

First, the offering you give will be used for kingdom work. In fact, 100% of the offering will go to support missions and mission churches in Louisiana.

Second, the offering you give will help those closest to you hear the gospel and get connected to a local church.

Third, the offering you give will support churches with similar theology and practices. You know that we think of non-Baptist churches as our allies, but we also seek to start and support new churches with a strong biblical theology and practices that follow the teaching of Scripture (like our own church). When we give to this offering, we are helping support those kinds of churches and pastors.

Finally, the offering gives you an opportunity to follow the teaching of Scripture in terms of how we use finances. The committed Christian understands that all we have belongs to God and should be used to please Him. Is there any better way to use our financial blessings than to extend God’s kingdom?

I am giving my offering this weekend. I hope you will give yours in the near future as well.

I write my Lagniappe article each week for the membership of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana. I have followed this practice for the 27 years I have served this congregation. My attempt is to give them “a little something extra” in terms of information about ministries, purpose, and vision.

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  1. Norris Landry
    Sep 19, 2016

    Dr. Bailey.
    Thank you and your church for supporting this offering. As a church Planter in LA I appreciate the gifts and generosity of LA Baptists.

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