Three Things I Know About the New Year

We all have high hopes for every new year. It happens without fail. We dream, hope, and pray for a happy, prosperous, and blessed new year. That happens every year. It’s happening right now as well.

Let me share with you three things I know about the coming year.

First, many things will happen that no one expected. Most of those events will be beyond our control. They will either come from a foreign government, a natural disaster, or something no one could foresee.

I know there will be things I can do nothing about.

Second, many things will happen that come directly from me and my decisions in the past or in the new year.

There will be many things beyond my control; there will also be many things that I can control.

What happens to me primarily will be because of decisions or actions in my past.

Third, I know that my new year and my life as a whole will be determined by how I react to what I can’t control and how I deal with what I can control.

To make this a blessed and happy new year, I need to not worry about things beyond my control. In fact, I need to not worry about anything. I simply need to trust God and depend on Him.

I also need to make sure I seek God and His wisdom for every part of my life. This is the part of life that I can do something about.

As I obey God’s commands, seek His wisdom in my life, and turn everything over to him I will be blessed immeasurably and it will be a good year.

I know that my closeness to God will determine much of my life. As I draw near to God, He will draw near to me.

That will help me with what I can’t control and also help me with what I can.

That will make for a very good year.

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