“I’ve Got This!”

“I’ve got this! I’ve got this!”

Can’t you almost hear a four year old boy telling his grandfather that he doesn’t need any help?

That’s what happened after Christmas when I took Reagan (age 8) and Luke (age 4) out into the woods behind our house to explore. They loved it, and just for the record, so did I. I love to get into the woods in the fall and winter. It’s one of the favorite things I do.

This was a real adventure for these two grandchildren. Hurricane Katrina left its mark in this area. In a rather small area, there were multiple pine trees blown down. Because they were deep in the woods and because the papermills and sawmills were overflowing with downed pine trees after the storm, they were simply left to rot.

For some reason, they have not yet completely deteriorated. Reagan and Luke loved walking on the trees.

Reagan is quite a good little gymnast so she was practicing walking on the beam. Luke was just having fun. The tree they liked best was broken off several feet above the stump. That made this particular tree the tallest to walk on.

That’s when Luke told me “I’ve got this!”

Actually, that wasn’t all he said. This is what he said, “I’ve got this! I’ve got this! And then after a short pause, “catch me if I fall.”

I’ve thought about what he said many times since that day.

It sounds very much like we talk to God. We let God know we don’t need any help, but we want Him to be there if we get in trouble.

It’s easy to think of God in that way, but God is so much more than a safety net.

What should we say about God? Here are some of the major ways we should look at and worship our God.

First, God is eternal. He has no beginning and no end.

Second, God is personal. This is part about God that confuses most people. God created us for relationship with Him. He is the personal God who desires to know us and for us to know Him. Therefore, He really does care about little boys climbing on a tree.

Third, God is love. Think about that statement for a while. Love is not just what God does or how He acts; He is love.

Finally, God is caring and kind. The prayer I was taught as a very young child is all true: “God is great; God is good.”

He really is.

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  1. George Shaddix
    Jan 10, 2017

    What a joy to spend time with grandchildren. Also it is such a joy to know that God is with us! Oh how He loves us!

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