Why the Bible Matters

Yesterday, I met with a nice couple who started talking about why church is helpful. This is what he said: “The Bible gives you tools for dealing with your problems.”

It’s not a biblical description of Scripture, but it is a very practical way to look at the Bible. I couldn’t help but agree with them. For all of my life, the Bible has given me tools for handling life’s problems.

When life seems overwhelming, I instinctively turn to God’s Word. I want to know what the  Bible says because I know it will help me with my difficulties.

The person I talked with referred specifically to my sermon this past Sunday. I preached about getting a handle on your relationships.

He and I were thinking about the how the Bible helps us deal with relationships in marriages, families, work, and a myriad of other relationships.

But it’s not just in relationships. The Bible deals with the issues of life.

What makes the Bible so practical and so helpful for life?

First, the Bible is the work of God’s Spirit. God created us and knows exactly how we function.

That always amazes me. Here’s what we know about human beings–we are immensely complex.

Yet, God knows everything about us. He understands our emotions. As Scripture says, he even knows the number of hairs on our head. He knows how we are created and therefore knows how to give us “tools” for dealing with life.

Second, the Bible is practical because it is so relevant to life. We all read ancient literature from time to time. When I do so I am always amazed at how ancient it really is!

To the contrary, the Bible isn’t ancient. Even though it was written hundreds and thousands of years ago it is true to human nature. Human nature has never changed. Our surroundings have changed, but our nature has never changed. Therefore, when the Bible talks about husbands and wives or relationships or how to deal with children, it is up-to-date and relevant for people who live in a so-called “modern world.”

Finally,  God’s Word gives us tools for life because it comes from God Himself, our Creator and the one who loves us and wants the best for us. God takes His Word and magnifies its effect through the work of His Spirit.

My friend blessed me yesterday when he reminded me how the Bible gives us practical tools to take us through the difficulties of life.

Therefore, let us hide God’s Word in our heart so that we don’t sin against Him and so that He can continue to speak to us day by day.

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