Let’s Pray for Chicago

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a real burden for Chicago and the inner cities across America.

I’m sure much of that has to do with the publicity concerning the 700 people murdered in Chicago in 2016 with several thousand others shot and wounded.

Part of that concern also comes to my living close to a large city (New Orleans) which suffers greatly in the inner city with crime, drugs, and fatal violence.

I often hear people say that the city is safe except for certain parts of the city. They also counsel staying out of those sections. Of course, we do attempt to say stay out of unsafe areas, but that’s a tragedy People have to live in those areas.

The people who live in those areas desire to be safe and keep their family safe just as I do.

What should we do about our inner cities?

I’m sure there are many political answers that could and should be given to that question, but what should you and I do?

I am committed to pray for Chicago and for New Orleans. I want to encourage you to do the same.

Let us commit to pray for revival nationwide, for a turning of America to Christ.

Would anything change our country and our cities as much as a genuine awakening?

Let us pray that God would raise up political and spiritual leaders who will speak the truth and will give their time and effort to making a difference in our cities.

Let us also give our time and effort to reaching the cities. One thing we all can do is give so that churches will be planted and lives changed in the cities.

In my own denomination, Southern Baptist are targeting cities with congregations that will make a difference. I intend to give to help make that happen. I’m sure almost all denominations have ministries for reaching the cities. Would you work within your denomination to help make this happen?

Sometimes all we feel we can do is pray, but prayer is the greatest thing we can do.

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