Why I Write

I am often asked why I write a blog. After all, it’s not part of my job description. I certainly would have a lot more time if I didn’t do this, but I really feel led of God to do so.

Here are three quick reasons why I write:

First, I laughingly say I need somewhere to put all my stray thoughts. You would think as much as I preach and teach that I wouldn’t have anything left over (smile).

Second, I write because I want to help believers think about the church, about Scripture, and about how our lives intersect with these areas.

Third, I want to help other pastors. I am immeasurably helped by the teaching and writing of scholars, teachers, and pastors. I am hopeful that some of my study will help other pastors get started with their sermon or give them that one little thought that will be helpful to them as they lead and teach their people.

I especially hope that my “Stories Worth Telling” will be helpful to pastors at well. Good stories help bring sermons to life. The stories make the sermons memorable.

That’s exactly what Jesus did. He brought life and truth together as he told about the life events around Him.

Let me suggest how you can make my writing and your Scripture study better.

Begin with prayer. Ask God to reveal His truth to you.

When all is said and done, I will not have much to say, but what God teaches us through his Spirit as we pray will be immeasurably significant in our lives.

Seek God as you read and study. Ask Him to make Himself known to you.

You will be amazed at what God will do when you invite Him to show you Himself. Your pastor’s preaching will be amazingly better as you seek God.

May God bless you as you come to know God better and draw closer to Him.

Each day I write about life and Scripture. If you would like to receive your own daily copy of my devotionals, you can sign up for your free subscription in the box below or at WaylonBailey.com.


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