What Every Child Needs to Know

Growing up and taking care of yourself has never been easy. It may be more difficult now than ever.

How can you help your children (or grandchildren) learn how to function in a hostile and difficult world?

Here are four things among many that every child needs to know to do and how to do it.

First, every child needs to know how to live before God. They need to understand how to begin the day with prayer and Scripture and how to connect with the living God who created them.

The best way to learn this need and all the others are with a model and with practice. As we model a life lived in devotion to God, we will help our children experience the same need.

As they practice connecting with God, they will become better and better at it.

Spiritual discipline is like all other disciplines. It takes practice. Practice makes perfect. Teach your children to live in intimate relationship with God.

Second, every child needs to know how to work. They need responsibilities daily. They need responsibilities which are non-negotiable. They need to learn how to make money.

Third, every child needs to know how to take care of money. I highly recommend either an allowance or a job. I also recommend that you start small as you  teach your child about money. They probably will fail at some point early on, but don’t rescue them. Let them learn consequences. Learning consequences is good for every part of life.

Fourth, every child needs to know how a biblical, godly family functions.

While biblical and godly families are not always the norm, they remain as important as ever.

All of our children need to know how to work through issues, how to say “I’m sorry,” and how to forgive.

Teach them about all relationships, but especially teach them about how to function in a marriage.

Children are ready to learn. Give them your best.

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