Four Ways to Give Yourself More Time

I’m always looking for more time. You probably are too.

One of the things I always smile when I hear is how busy retired men are. They will say something like this, “As busy as I am now, I don’t know how I ever went to work.”

I do smile at that statement, but it powerfully demonstrates the busyness we all encounter.

How can we find more time?

Here are four areas where we can help make more time.

First, plan ahead. For me this means thinking in advance. I have three or four preparations for speaking every week. At the same time, I write a blog six days a week.

As long as I think ahead and plan, I do better. The tasks become easier – – and quicker – – when I am thinking and planning ahead.

When you think about it, it makes good sense. Because you are thinking and considering, everything that happens to you and every situation is allowing you to sift through ideas and experiences.

Second, de-clutter. Yesterday I read a blog by Michael Hyatt on this very subject. He mentioned how getting rid of clutter lets your mind work better. I certainly find that to be the truth. Clutter is one of the areas where I have to constantly fight. If I keep structure in my work areas, I find I free up my time – – not just space – – immensely.

I suggest that you give this a try. Start finding a place for everything and put everything in its place. It allows me to get much more accomplished.

Third, do the first things first. Many of us tend to procrastinate and put off important things until we are under the gun. By doing the important things first we free up our time to do all of the other things that are going to invariably pop up during the day.

Doing the first things first naturally leads to number four.

Fourth, start early. I try to plan ahead, think about what I have to get done, and then do it as soon as possible. Starting early frees the day. It also gives you a great sense of accomplishment and peace as you go through the day.

I find myself much more creative when I have started the day early and gotten out of the gate quickly.

We all struggle with time so we all need to find ways to add to our time. These are some of the areas I have found helpful. I hope that they will be a help to you as well.

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