Everything is Different Now

“A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle”–Benjamin Franklin.

In the cross of Christ which brings our justification, “The whole tenor of our life has changed. Everything is different now, because we ourselves are different. . . .No Christian who has grasped these truths could ever seriously contemplate reverting to the old life” John R.W. Stott, The Message of Galatians.

“In a culture that evades telling the truth about death, the teaching of the resurrection comes as a blast of fresh air. If asked, ‘ What do we hope for after death?’ many devout Christians would answer with sentimental notions. . . .Such ideas have virtually no basis in the Bible, and those who exercise the teaching office in the church should seek to impress upon their congregations that the predominant future hope of the New Testament writers is precisely the same as the hope presented . . . in 1 Corintians 15 . . .”–Alan Johnson, 1 Corinthians in The IVP New Testament Commentary Series.

How do we receive the promised forgiveness of sin (Colossians 1:13)? “a. There must be genuine sorrow for sin. . . . b. There must be a yearning desire to forsake sin. Those who are eager by the grace of God to put to death their evil nature (Col. 3:5-11) are pronounced forgiven (Col. 3:15). . . . When the Sunday School teacher asked the class, ‘What does it mean to repent?’ a little boy answered, ‘To repent means to be sorry enough to quit doing what is wrong.’ c. There must be the disposition of the heart to forgive others (Col. 3:13). . . .”–William Hendriksen, Colossians and Philemon in the New Testament Commentary.

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