Easter is now two weeks away. I hope you will work to make this a blessed and special time for you and for the church.

Here are some things to remember and consider.

First, do your best to be present with the church as we meet together. This is what the early church did. As they met together the Risen Lord appeared in their meeting (Luke 24:33-40). After the ascension of Jesus, the followers returned to Jerusalem praising God. Luke records how they spent time in the Temple, giving praise to God. Also, on the Day of Pentecost when all the believers were present, the Holy Spirit was given to the church.

Obviously, our meeting together is inestimable in its value. FBC will have four Easter Services which should give us plenty of room to house everyone who attends. We meet Saturday at 6:00 PM, and Sunday morning at 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 AM. If you are prevented from attending Sunday, please consider joining us Saturday evening as we worship.

Second, we are excited about the energy, excitement, and content of the worship services. I will preach from Luke’s account of the resurrection (Luke 24). Benji and Jenna Cowart along with Rob and Buffy Thomas will lead musically. It has great possibilities to be a very moving and significant time of worship.

Third, please invite the people around you to join with us for Easter weekend. People expect to go to church at Easter and are usually looking for a place to attend. Please let them know you want them to worship with you.

Fourth, isn’t it amazing to think that next Easter we will worship together in our new worship facility?

Finally, in April and May I plan to preach about the future of worship, giving you information about our new worship facility and how we will use it for the worship of our great God. You will also get to hear about our plans for opening the new educational building and the beginning of our new worship times. This should be a helpful and informative series as we examine our new schedule and facilities and the nature and significance of worship.

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