This One Thing That Changed The Way I Worship

I’ve been to church many, many times. Maybe you have, too.

Have those times of worship affected your life? Do you often leave saying, “It was good to be in the house of the Lord.” Or, do you leave with a ho-hum, nothing happened attitude?

Let me tell you the one thing that truly affected the way I worship.

My mentor John Olen Strange was a man of deep devotion to God. When he taught Scripture, it came alive to me and made me think about my life and my relationship to God.

I’ve often reflected on the day he described the “worst sin a Christian could commit.” That kind of statement will get your attention. It certainly captured my attention. Every time I have told this story it captured the attention of the congregation or class where I was leading.

What is the worst sin a Christian can commit?

He said it was “leaving church unchanged.”

Dr. Strange believed that worship was for God and for our good. He believed that the preaching of God’s Word and the meditation of our hearts would lead to profound change in those who worship.

That one challenging statement changed the way I worship.

His teaching about worship has made me look at attending church and going to the place of worship quite differently.

It’s easy to go to church and think of everything but God. It’s also easy to leave church unchanged.

God wants us to concentrate on Him. He desires that we open our hearts to Him.

He wants us to ask, “Is there anything in my life that is not pleasing to You?” Simply put, God wants us to go to worship to spend time with Him. We should seek to come into His presence and to experience life change.

Are you leaving worship unchanged? Are you neglecting worship services? Are you attending and pretending?

Are you leaving God out of your life?

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  1. George Shaddix
    Apr 19, 2017

    Thanks for the reminder. Worship is truly an experience with God that should change our lives. Dr. Strange also touched my life.

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