Making Decisions–Seeking God

Last Thursday I felt particularly burdened about many of the decisions we have as a church. These are not bad decisions we have to make. In fact, for the most part they are normal decisions churches–especially growing churches–have to make.

As I moved through what became a busy day with even more decisions than I anticipated, I had two people–one by phone and one by email–who asked me if there were any areas they could pray with me about. I was overjoyed to be encouraged in such a way. I felt they were prompted by the Spirit to ask for an opportunity to pray.

What I want to do is make decisions which please God. If we do according to God’s will, He will bless us as we make decisions. I want to seek God in all things.

Let me ask you to join with me–and others–as we pray and make important decisions. Here are some areas where you can pray.

Worship Leaders

At the moment we are looking for worship leaders for our church. Would you pray for God’s leadership as we look for a leader for our present 8:30 worship service. Beginning in September, that service will move to 9:30 AM.  We are also looking for someone to lead the Saturday service and what will become the 11:00 AM service.

As you know the 9:30 service will be traditional in nature and the 11:00 service will be contemporary in nature.

We are praying for God’s leadership in these personnel decisions.

2018 Budget

We also are currently making plans for the 2018 budget. We know that the biggest decisions about the budgeting process will occur in 2018. Sometime early in 2018 we will fully move into the new building. The new buildings will require additional funds for utilities, insurance, maintenance, and personnel. How to allocate funds will demand wisdom and understanding.

Here’s the good news: God has both wisdom and understanding. He also owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

When we fully seek Him, the church and all of us individually will be fine.


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3 Responses

  1. I will be praying for you and our church that we will make the right decisions that will please God and help our church to continue to grow.

  2. Praying!
    You should know that prayer has been ongoing for God to grow the church so much that by the time we utilize our new spaces more expansion will be needed!
    Fai+h Forward>!

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