Have You Seen Our Sign?

Have you seen our sign?

Not the one outside but the one inside. It’s above the door that leads to the church offices.

This is what it says:

Are We Ready?

112 days to September 10, 2017.

September 10th is the Sunday after Labor Day. It’s also the day when we begin a new schedule for Sunday mornings as well as Sunday evenings and Wednesday nights.

On September 10, we will move the Preschoolers and Children to their new classes in the new education building. That move will allow us to begin new Bible Fellowship classes for adults (something we have been unable to do for many months) and move our Senior adult classes to the former Preschool hallway and our Median adult classes to the former Children’s hallway.

At the same time we will move to the new Sunday morning schedule of two worship services, one at 9:30 and one at 11:00. You and your family should begin exploring which service you will attend.

All three services after September 10 (6:00 PM Saturday, and 9:30 and 11:00 Sunday) will have the same preacher and the same sermon. They will be different in other ways. The differences will give you choices.

The 9:30 Sunday worship service will have a choir, orchestra, piano, organ, timpani, and drums. The 11:00 Sunday worship service and the 6:30 Saturday service will have a band. We will seek to make all three services and the church in general filled with biblical worship as found in Acts 2:42-47, namely the Apostle’s teaching, fellowship, and prayer. We will also read Scripture, give our offerings, proclaim the Gospel, and ask people for a life-changing response.

Why are we beginning the new schedule before the completion of the building?

For this reason: We will have multiple changes before we can move efficiently to the new Worship Center. We want those changes to come prior to the move.

When we move, we want all the difficult decisions (which service do I attend and what time do I attend Bible classes?) to have been made.

We want our only decision to be to gather for worship, rejoice at what God has done, and give praise to God.

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