No Church is Perfect

No church is perfect.

We all know that every church has flaws, and that each church is in need of growth, repentance, and healing.

At the same time that we know no church is perfect, we also know that every church can change.

How does that take place?

I would like to give three ways you and your church can become more like the church God desires.

First, take full responsibility to become more of the person God wants you to be. Remember that the goal of a believer is to become like Jesus. No other goal can take the place of our desire to be like Christ.

One of the real hindrances to the church is our attitude that “I’m okay and everyone else is the problem”. As long as we are blaming others, we can never see the log in our own eye. We must be much more concerned with the  log in our eye than the speck in some other person’s eye (Matthew 7:1-5).

Taking full responsibility will actually help other people become better. As the individual members of the church model repentance and obedience, others will join with us in our desire to please God by our lives.

Second, be individuals and a church of prayer. Prayer is indispensable. Nothing will take the place of prayer.

We must pray for God’s blessings as we look to become like Jesus. As we pray, our Father will show us His plan for our lives and for His church.

Third, seek God in Scripture. Ask God to reveal Himself.

The closer we get to God the farther we will move from our old selfish ways. When we see the sacrifice God made on our behalf, we will desire more and more to please Him.

God has promised that when we seek Him and draw near to Him that He will be found (Jeremiah 29:13-14).

As we seek God, pray, and seek individually to please God, our churches will become more and more like Him.

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2 Responses

  1. No church is perfect; that’s for sure. But FBC Covington was as close as a church can come. We loved our time there. The music ministry, the youth programs, the Sunday School (remember when we were one of three couples that started the couples classes?), the loving welcome we received, and of course, the solid preaching, whether it cam from you or one of the associate pastors. We still miss it!
    David and Kathie Crockett

    1. What nice words. I do remember meeting you and visiting with you. As you grow a church or start a class, the beginning is the most difficult part. You played a very important part in what God has done in FBCC. Thanks.

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