This Has Been A Good Day

I’m writing this on Tuesday, and this has been a good day.

This leads to two questions.

First, what makes a good day? and second, what do you do when you don’t have a good day?

My good day had to do with the people I work with and the good gifts God has given. It also had to do with people who are seeking God and seeing Him at work. People who seek God help buoy my spirits as I seek to work for God.It has been a really good day.

But, what do we do when the day is not so good? This is what God’s Word gives us for those times when you don’t have a good day.

First, keep on keeping on. In Scripture this is called perseverance. It has to do with not giving up and doing our best in spite of the circumstances. In Scripture, this is often known as longsuffering.

We live in a day when giving up is glorified and even encouraged. Suicide and assisted death are being seen more and more by the culture as acceptable, even to be applauded.

This is not what is found in Holy Scripture. In Scripture, we are called to persist and to live for the glory of God and for the good of others. Part of my reason for such a good day was a conversation with a new family to our church who saw perseverance in others in the church.

The family found help with their struggle by the perseverance of others. As we struggle and persevere, we bless others and help them to keep on even though they are having bad days.

Second, when we are having bad days–or good ones–we should pray. Paul encouraged the church at Philippi to always pray whether in good or in bad days. He called on believers not to be anxious but rather to take everything to God in prayer. To the church at Thessalonica, Paul encouraged them to be constantly in prayer, that is, to pray without ceasing.

Paul didn’t mean that all you do is pray. Rather, he meant that prayer should be a natural and constant part of your life.

Third, when life gets you down, look for other people to help. As we bless others, so we will also be blessed. Being a blessing brings a blessing.

Finally, on bad days and good ones, give thanks to God. While dozens of young families in Manchester, England, are mourning dead and injured children, can I really be having a bad day?

I find help in the bad days by giving thanks to the good God. Paul constantly exhorted the people of the churches to give thanks. He saw thanksgiving as an act of worship and devotion. He also saw that giving thanks in all things pleases God.

It also helps you to cope with the difficulties of life.

Everyone experiences both good and bad days. We should give thanks for every good day and we should give thanks when things are more difficult.

Thanks be to God for His abundant mercy and grace!

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  1. Scot Martin
    May 24, 2017

    giving up goes against my nature…I may even lean too far the other way. If anything, I probably wait too long to ask for help when I need it.

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