Celtic Pride

Martha and I love watching the NBA playoffs. During this time of the year, we enjoy getting to watch a game almost every night. When there’s not a game on tv, we get a little melancholy.

Martha will even write blogs about the NBA, the playoffs, and the players. If you would like to sample some of her posts, you can find them at www.marthabailey.com.

Frankly, the playoffs haven’t been as exciting or suspenseful this year. That is because of two super teams–the defending champ Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors haven’t lost even one game on the way to the NBA Finals. Cleveland has lost only one game along the way.

That game came to the Boston Celtics. You may know that the Celtics are the Bluebloods of the National Basketball Association. They have won more championships and have more history than any other team.

Boston doesn’t have the athletes that the Cavs have but they won in dramatic fashion last Sunday and led Tuesday night before losing late. Charles Barkley, a half time analyst, called it “Celtic Pride.” I think he was right.

After that comment, I mentioned to Martha how that little phrase has an affect on players.

Here’s what it means.

It’s a way of thinking that affects your way of acting. It’s kind of like saying to yourself, “I’m a Celtic. I can’t quit. I’ll do more than required and even more than I am able.”

Isn’t that what we should be instilling in our children and even in ourselves. Shouldn’t we be thinking, “I’m a follower of Christ. I won’t give up. I will live in complete devotion to Him. Though all the world prove faithless, I will be faithful?”

Shouldn’t we be remembering who we are? Shouldn’t we emphasize who we serve and who our master is?

Aren’t their particular passages of Scripture that we should quote and upon which we should meditate?

Who am I? I am a new creature in Christ.

What is my future? God works all things together for good for those who love Him.

Can I do this? I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.

How you think makes all the difference. For this reason, I need to meditate on Scripture and memorize its life-giving words. I need to remind myself whose I am and why I exist.

And more than anything else, I need to live as a child of the king.

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