Why People Quit Their Jobs

Do you know why people quit their jobs?

Nothing has changed. People quit their jobs now for the same reason they always have.

They quit to get away from bad managers.

Here are the statistics.

More than half of the people surveyed say they left their old job to get away from a bad manager. This has been consistent since this kind of survey began. People want to stay in a good, fulfilling, healthy job and get out quickly from a bad job.

In business, in life, in family, and in church, it’s all about relationships.

Good relationships in all of these areas have to do with how we listen, speak, and react.

Inc. Magazine said that it’s more important than ever to hire good managers and to find something else for bad managers to do.

What is it that good managers do?

First, they listen and care. They hear what their employees are saying and why they are saying it. It’s one thing to hear, and it is a quite different thing to listen. James the Apostle told us to be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger (James 1:19). Apparently, this advice from the half-brother of Jesus in the first century AD still speaks loud and clear today.

Second, they speak the truth. They speak the truth even when it’s not something the other person wants to hear. When raises can’t be given, they tell people in advance and let them know why.

Just this week I spoke with someone going through a difficult relationship. He said, “If he would just tell me the plain truth, I think I could handle it.” What is it about us that can’t speak the truth?

Third, good managers care. They have a genuine and lasting concern for their employees.

Martha’s mother passed away several years ago. She had been retired from her job–a manager in a garment factory–for almost thirty years. We were amazed and deeply grateful for her plant manager who came to the visitation and spoke with the family.

His caring showed us firsthand why my mother-in-law worked so hard and so loyally all those years. She worked for a manager who truly cared–even thirty years later!

As we often say, “this isn’t rocket science.” It’s simply treating others as you want to be treated. It is looking for other people to bless and doing your best to help and encourage them.

Anytime you bless others, you get blessed as well.

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  1. Billy Richey
    Jun 01, 2017

    Brother Bailey….I was in a meeting here at work and a Catholic Gentleman in the meeting made a comment on how Baptists never display a cross outside of their church on the church grounds. I “unknowingly” disputed this, I told him we have crosses outside our church on the church grounds. Then on Sunday I looked at FBC Covington and realized he was correct. I then looked at other Baptist Churches like New Zion Baptist Church by my farm and the same thing there, no crosses outside or on top of the Church Steeple. Why is it that Baptist churches don’t display crosses outside of the church as the Catholic church does, now I’m curious if there’s a reason for this? Thank you and God Bless , Billy Richey

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