Next Gen VBS!

VBS begins Monday morning!

In case you are new to church, especially to First Baptist Church, you may not know the significance of Vacation Bible School.

Vacation Bible School is one of our Next Generation (Next Gen) ministries. In VBS, we teach Scripture, life, and Jesus to over 1,000 students age 4-6th graders. VBS gives us an opportunity to touch our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We put a lot of money and volunteer hours into VBS.

Here are four reasons why I think it is so important.

First, the next generation will be the largest in American history. They will affect the nation for over a century and will determine much of what happens in America. I want us to do our part to touch the nation.

Most people identify the generation being born as having begun in 2001. The 9/11 attack on America probably will be the seminal event in the lives of these students and their parents. We want to help them make sense of life and the world into which they were born.

Second, VBS is so valuable because anything you learn early in life sticks with you throughout life. Think about swimming or riding a bicycle. Those things you learn early make a difference for all of life.

I often run into people who were saved in VBS but whose parents didn’t follow up or take them to church. In spite of that, as they became adults they remembered their early experience and began to worship and serve.

Third, VBS matters because it helps children hide God’s Word in their hearts. “I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you” (Psalm 119:11).

Finally, I think VBS is important because it is a fun time. I want children to think of church, Scripture, and Jesus with warm thoughts of blessing and joy.

Thanks to all of you who make this possible through prayer, volunteering, and giving.

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  1. Waylon, I am looking forward to this coming week at our church. It is so much fun to be in the midst of so many children who are excited about the whole experience. These will be lasting memories for them for the rest of their lives. I have vivid memories of the times I spent in VBS as a child. We will probably never know how many lives are touched forever by what we say and do this week.

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