What the Scalise Shooting Tells Us About Ourselves

Last week, Steve Scalise, congressman from the 1st district of Louisiana and House Majority Whip, was shot and very nearly killed by what appears to have been a politically motivated act.

Congressman Scalise’s  physician apprised his situation as improving. He believes that Congressman Scalise will walk and hopes that he may even run. If he does, it will have been a remarkable recovery. The same doctor noted how death was imminent when he entered the hospital.

We can certainly give thanks that no one was killed even though Senator Rand Paul noted that except for two brave police officers it would have been a “killing field” and a “massacre.”

America is in a bad place.

How did we get here and what does it show us about ourselves? Here are a few of the very bad things we can see about ourselves.

First, we no longer value the constitution of the United States. This may have occurred because we no longer know or value the world view upon which it is based–that of Scripture and the Judeo-Christian belief system. One of the men of our church teaches a university course on the Constitution, a subject that very few students entering college know anything about.

Second, this shooting and so much else in America shows that we no longer value human life. We used to be shining beacon of the value of humans. Roe v. Wade and the slaughter in many of  our cities shows this is no longer the case.

Third, more than anything else, the shooting of Steve Scalise shows a lack of respect and dignity for others. When the congressman was shot, Twitter and other social media blew up with people who approved and were glad. We have lost the sense that every person is created in the image of God and that “all men are created equal.”

This list could go on and on.

Finally, it shows us how far we are as a nation from God. O God, we need Your mercy and grace and how we need Your Spirit to sweep over our land.

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6 Responses

  1. We must also become more tolerant of those with whom we disagree with. I have noticed that we have become polarized on every issue, we constantly expect people to take a side and then we view it as right or wrong, black or white, you’re with us or against us. We listen to commentators who polarize every single issue in this country. We need to instill in our citizens that it is okay to have differing opinions and to voice those opinions but we need to be understanding and accepting of those with whom we disagree. The foundation of our democracy is based on people having different points of view, it is healthy for a country and its people to be able to express their concerns and viewpoints. Where it becomes unhealthy is when we began to dehumanize people based on their opinions, and that is where we find ourselves today. I pray that we will be able to put our differences aside and become united and accepting of one another just like Congress did on Friday night. We are not Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, Red States, or Blue States but Americans. The beauty of being an American is that we are empathetic and accepting of those who may not look, talk, or worship like us. There is no other country in the world that can say that. God Bless America!

  2. Thanks Waylon, you have spoken volumes in just a few short but very direct statements. God Bless America and thank you for being our Pastor.

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