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Soon I’ll be sending you an unusual email from me. It has to do with how you plan for the future. I want to give you three areas you need to be considering – – no matter what your age or situation in life. 

his email will be somewhat unusual because I’m usually asking you to do something for other people or for the church or for the kingdom of God. In this email I will be asking you to think about yourself and your future.

The four areas will deal with long term care, education for children and grandchildren, and your estate planning.

Please read the email and consider and pray about how you should these areas.

That leads me to today’s speaker. We are privileged to have Dr. Rick Brewer, president of Louisiana College preaching today.

Louisiana College is our only Southern Baptist affiliated college in Louisiana. It is a very good college which emphasizes biblical teaching and biblical principles.

Here’s the best part for today. It’s affordable.

I would encourage you to take the opportunity today to meet Dr. Brewer and to discuss with him a place for your children or grandchildren.

We are very fortunate to have five Baptist affiliated colleges within three hours of Covington. These are all good colleges. I know people who teach at each one, but I have a special appreciation for our Louisiana Baptist college.

This is what I would say. Introduce yourself to Dr. Brewer. Get the ball rolling to learn about scholarship opportunities and creative ways for your children and grandchildren to receive an excellent education that will help set them for success in the future.

May God lead and bless you as you make these important decisions.

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