The Week in Review Sunday, August 13, 2017

I’m always amazed at how busy a week can be. When you look back over the entire week and all the things you have done, you really see the intensity of the week.

In your busyness, you may have missed some of the posts of the week. If so, you can check them by clicking below.

Monday morning we began by looking at leadership and asking how each of us can lead our churches. God is looking for followers and leaders–those who will follow Him while leading others. You can fulfill both of God’s desires.

Martha coined the phrase “scary awesome” to describe our taking one of the most interesting highways in America. I think it applies to the gospel as well.

Wednesday nights at the church where I serve is a time of intense Bible Study. I do a verse by verse–or line by line–study. At the present time, we are going through Acts. The early church was a Spirit-filled church. We hear that term a lot. What did it mean for the first “Spirit-filled” church?

The word “prayer” is thrown around easily and casually. Do we really realize how precious it is to come into the very presence of God in prayer?

Isn’t it amazing how little we can get done in a day or week or month, but how much we can accomplish when we live faithfully day by day for a lifetime?

We are excited to have new staff members and a new staff family at our church–beginning today. You can get to know something about them in this post.

I hope you have a great day of worship and time to be with family and friends this Lord’s day.


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