What Makes You Happy?

Yesterday afternoon I walked through the new preschool and children’s building for our church. We hope to open the building September 10. Everything is getting ready for an explosion of children and preschoolers in the coming days. We can hardly wait.

One of the great features of the building is that it is filled with Scripture. One particular passage says this from the Apostle John: “I have no greater joy than that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4). This is a fitting verse for our children’s building, but it has much more meaning than for children only. This is a verse for all of the children of God, especially you and me.

What does it mean?

As John wrote to the churches, he wanted them to walk in doctrinal truth.

Your belief determines your behavior.

As I finished walking through the building, I saw a news item concerning the driver of the van that killed 13 people in Barcelona last week and injured over 100 more. For days he has been on the run. Yesterday Spanish police cornered him wearing an explosives belt. He had already hijacked a car after killing its driver.

He refused arrest, and the police shot him dead.

I looked at his picture–not a monster but a nice looking 22 year old young man.

Did his beliefs matter? If you believe anyone other than a Muslim is an infidel and deserves death, you can kill without remorse. You can even plan–and want–to kill. This man’s belief led to his horrible actions.

The Apostle knew that the truth matters. It was this Apostle who recorded Jesus declaring, “I am the way, the truth, the life” (John 14:6).

But this verse about walking in the truth means more.

It also describes walking in purity, love, and righteousness. When you believe the truth, you also live the truth in your life. John’s third epistle was to a church leader named Gaius. Gaius lived faithfully, and his faithful living caused John to live joyfully.

John the Apostle had no greater joy than knowing that the followers of Christ believe the truth and live out the truth.

Is there any greater need in our churches than that we live in the truth?

Wouldn’t that affect our problems with disunity, jealousy, and selfishness? Wouldn’t it solve the anger and lack of respect we see in so many people?

“I have no greater joy than that my children walk in truth.”

One of my joys is getting to communicate with you through this blog. Would you share this with others who are like-minded?

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