Three Things I Wish All Church Members Knew

As a pastor, I have many things that I wish church members knew. Today, I would like to give you three areas that are essential to a healthy church.

First, your church is only as spiritual, Godly, loving, kind, or evangelistic as you are. It’s so easy to talk about “they” or “them” but it’s really about “me” and “my.”

I want church members to know that your church will only be as good as you are. Your church will be like you.

If you want a more spiritual, Godly, loving, kind, or evangelistic church then only you can make it that way.

Second, every one of us needs every one of us. I see this all the time.

All around you are people who are struggling in any number of areas. Often, they give no appearance that times are tough and life is hard, but it is.

They are hurting, and they need you.

They need someone to pray for them, and they need a follow up text to let them know you haven’t forgotten.  Not long ago I wrote about what a privilege it is to pray for other people. It’s also a tremendous privilege to know someone is praying for you.

Third, I wish every church member knew that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Have you ever considered why it’s more blessed to give?

Your giving means you have been adequately filled. Your giving means your needs have been met, and your giving means you have enough to give out of your abundance.

It also means that you participate in the blessing. You receive a blessing when you bless others.

I wish all church members could see the importance of being a giver. This includes money, but it’s not only about money. It’s about prayer, ministry, love, and kindness.

What if we all saw our ministry in the church as blessing others with the abundance of love and kindness Christ has given to us? “In everything I did I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’ ” (Acts 20:35).

What if we saw ourselves as the ministers of the church helping the weak?

Christ does, and so did Paul.

Each day I write about Scripture and life. I hope you will join our group.



  1. Tissie Gibson
    Sep 07, 2017

    This is so true. Thanks for reminding all of us that our church is only what we make it by following God’s leadership.

  2. Robert Lyster
    Sep 07, 2017

    Sometimes it is hard for us to be the recipients of gifts. Don’t rob the giver of their blessing by rejecting the gift. If you don’t need the money, or whatever, pass it along to someone else. The Lord may be using you as a middle man/woman to get the gift to someone truly in need.

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