Things to Know for November and Beyond

Most of you know how “hyper” the last three months have been.

We have gone to a (wonderfully successful) new schedule and moved almost every class. We are continuing to work at doing ministry while we wait for construction to be complete.

Here are some things you need to know about November.

First, the entryways and main hallway in our building will be under construction throughout the month. While this may cause some minor rerouting, it shouldn’t bring any disruption to worship or ministry meetings. Our environmental team and our construction workers are doing a great job of minimizing disruptions.

Second, November is a month to get ready for the new year. Our ministry teams and budget all follow the calendar year. Early in November we will vote on deacons for FBC. Last week you received a brochure detailing the 16 men being proposed. If you were not able to receive a brochure, you can find those throughout the building this weekend. The deacon election will take place in the weekend services November 4-5. You will vote to elect 12 deacons.

Third, November is also the month when we discuss our budget in anticipation of a vote on the budget in the weekend services the first weekend in December. Beginning today, you will receive a copy of the proposed budget for 2018. You probably know this will be a demanding year as we bring the entire new expansion online. While we have sought to make accurate estimates of new costs, we are aware that these are only estimates. The total budget is $6.5 million. This budget will call for all of us to take our giving seriously.

It’s always good when we have to look at our commitment. I pray this process will help you to give freely for God’s work in our community.

Soon we will give plans for the opening of the new Commons Area and Worship Center. I can’t wait for you to see it all.

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