What We Are Doing Today

I want to remind you of the significance of what we are doing today.

Today, the membership of our church will vote to elect deacons who will serve the church over the next two years.

At First Baptist Church, deacons are not administrators. They are leaders and servants who live as examples for the congregation in service, devotion, and ministry. Churches become like their leaders. Therefore, it is imperative that we choose well.

All of these men have been prayed over. The team charged with bringing these names before you has worked for most of 2017 to bring us to this significant place.

We’ve asked you to pray over this decision; we also ask you to pray for these men and their families over the next two years. I would encourage you to take the deacon brochure which contains names, faces, and family members as a prayer guide. Pray that God would lead these men and that they would follow Him obediently.

At FBC deacons lead out in ministry. We ask them specifically to visit in hospitals, taking time to pray for people as they visit. We also ask for deacons to be the “face of the church” as they welcome guests in the Hospitality Room and at the Discovery Class.

For example, at today’s Discovery Class, we will introduce the deacons who are present (there will be several). I tell the Discovery Class participants that the deacons are there to welcome them and to show them the importance of the Discovery Class.

I don’t make jokes about deacons.

Deacons are a scriptural office given of God for the good of the church and to advance the Gospel.

Please pray for God’s leadership and for His blessings on the church.

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