I Need A “To Do” List

I have found that I am one of those people who needs a “To Do” list. Over the years I’ve used them in a variety of ways, sometimes written and sometimes electronic.

Even though I am now using an electronic version— one that I’m very please with – – the old-fashioned kind also works very well. The app I currently use “Good Todo” has a number of superior features. One of these is the ability to move unfinished tasks–I have a lot of those–to the next day’s list. This keeps you from having to rewrite one of your tasks.

I sometimes move from written to digital or back simply because I like change. As someone said, “Any diet will work as long as you work the diet.“ It’s the same way with a “To Do” list. You have to work the list.

Here are three reasons why I need a “To Do” list.

First, when you use a list, you don’t have to remember when, where, or what about a task. You simply have to consult your list.

For this reason, it’s imperative to write or record everything. Then you can use your discernment and memory on more important areas than “picking up a gallon of milk on the way home.“

Second, having everything written and on your list makes you much more efficient. There is something wonderful about checking a box or crossing off a chore that gives you an amazing sense of fulfillment.

Third, you can go to bed at night without having to remember something the next morning. Having a list that preserves all you need to know frees you to get a good night’s rest.

Finally, a “To Do” list simply makes me more productive. Over the years I have learned that I  do better with making plans, reaching deadlines, and being creative when I have a “To Do” list.

I know people who neither use a calendar nor have a “To Do” list. I don’t know how they do it.

If you are like most people you need aides to help you be more efficient and effective in your place of employment and ministry.  I would encourage you to find a simple process to help you keep up with the things you need to do.

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2 Responses

  1. I’m with you. I can’t live without mine. The Lord can change it however he wants and He does! But at least I know what I am expected to get done otherwise. I keep it all in a notebook, I write phone numbers, jot notes down in there and a lot of things so I don’t lose them. When I fill the notebook, I go back to see if there is anything I need and then toss it for the next one.

    I’m guessing God doesn’t have one. How does He do it? How does He remember all of us and every hair on our head? I know, he’s God. It’s blows my mind. But I’m very thankful He can!

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