“How Can I Say Thanks?”

You probably know the song by Andrae Crouch that begins, “How can I say thanks for the things you have done for me?”

So, on this weekend of the opening of our new worship center, how can I (we) say thanks for all those who have made this possible? Without trying to write individual names, let me help put into place some ways that we can say thanks for what has been done for us.

First, we must recognize that anything we have done today has been built on the foundation laid by other people in times past. Bogue Falaya church, all those charter members, anyone who has been a part of the church of the past, pastors and church staff members all have helped to bring us to where we are today. We owe all of these people a debt of gratitude.

All this week I have been thinking of former members–some living, some deceased–who helped make decisions that have put policies and decisions in place that have blessed us all.

Second, we give thanks for all those who have given–and who will give–to make this magnificent building possible. I know many people who have made significant and sacrificial gifts to bring us to this point. Many people have prayed diligently for this project and for that I am deeply grateful.

Third, I am especially grateful for the our contractor, architect, and subs who have loved being a part of building a space for the glory and worship of God. We have had great cooperation. Even though we have had many decisions–some difficult in nature–it has been an enjoyable process.

Fourth, our Strategy Planning Team has served over ten years to get this project to completion. They have spent many evenings working through the entire process.

Fifth, I am thankful for the people I work with daily. They are committed, hard-working people who have been willing to sacrifice for the good of the church and the glory of God.

Finally, thanks be to our gracious God who has made everything possible. May this house exalt and magnify Him.

Soli Deo Gloria

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks also to you Waylon and Martha . Your love, patience,kindnesses and respect for each of God’s creation has made and will make FBC-COV a place where ALL will want to come and worship our risen Lord.

  2. During the time FBC celebrated their brand new Hwy 1085 location we moved into the area.
    We had not been part of a church and were slightly guarded. Resisting the excitement and warm welcome we received just wasn’t possible. Thank YOU CHURCH!
    I know that all who come now will find friends, family and most importantly the opportunity “to know and accept Jesus Christ and through Him experience life-changing relationships”.
    We did!
    BTW … prayer is on-going for our new and larger campus to be filled to capacity soon! So take a breath and get ready …
    Fai+h Forward>!

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