The Ten Minute Rule

Recently, I had “The Ten Minute Rule” recalled to my attention.

I say “recalled” because it’s not a new concept, but it is one that now has my attention. Though I knew that some people practiced the rule about being early for all meetings, this concept never got my attention.

That has all changed now.

I want to encourage you to practice “The Ten Minute Rule.”

Basically, this rule encourages you to look differently at how you function. Right now, most of us are functioning on the “just in time rule.” This means that we have no margin for error and that we are always rushing to the next meeting.

The ten minute rule encourages you to plan to be ten minutes early for all meetings so that you have margin in your life.

What will this do for you? Two things: it will help you with your stress while picturing you in the eyes of others as “having it all together.”

Life lived just in time accomplishes neither of these goals. How many times have you had to text or call “I’m running late” or “traffics heavy.” Frankly, the only time I really notice heavy traffic is when I am running late because I didn’t give myself enough margin.

If you give yourself margin, you help relieve your stress (and you bless the other person or persons you are meeting by being on time and respecting their valuable time).

Maybe you are asking, “what would I do with that extra time?” Here are some suggestions: check those pesky emails that you are behind on, write a quick note of appreciation for someone who has been a help and blessing to you, or simply use the time to talk with the other person who is following the ten minute rule! You could also use that time to read a chapter of Scripture or spend a few valuable moments in prayer.

When you do this you might find that you are seen differently by other workers or even your boss.

You might also find that the day is not nearly as hectic as most.

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6 Responses

  1. Awesome !! While starting a meeting this morning in Park City Utah I shared this with
    17 other Builders who certainly are always looking for encouragement , advise while always running on a tight schedule .
    They all were very much appreciative of your words this morning .
    Thanks Dr Bailey

  2. Excellent idea to implement this and the
    “Fast Forward the Movie” concept. Both have served me well.. when i remember to use:)

  3. Thanks to my husband I have learned to follow the ten minute rule and much less anxiety in my life now if we could get our son
    to do the same!

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