Why Last Weekend Worked

Each week I write an article for the congregation of First Baptist Church which I call Lagniappe (a little something extra). This is my submission this week after we began worship in a new worship center.


I want to thank you deeply for making last weekend’s new beginning such a wonderful success. In spite of really bad weather and a pesky time change, our attendance last weekend went up dramatically–a whopping 45%!

What made it so good?

First, you wanted it to be good and it was. Our attitude determines so much in life. You had an attitude that wanted this to be a good experience, and it really was a great time.

Second, you used this time to engage other people. We had a large number of new people last weekend because you invited the people around you and helped them be a part of our worship. Many of those folks will be back today or in the near future. Sometimes, it’s not that people don’t want to be a part of a church; it’s that they don’t know how. You helped make it possible for them to attend.

Third, our volunteers showed up in droves and became the catalyst to serve the people who attended. Several months ago, I asked you to be the “face of First Baptist Church.” You were that and more. Thank you for arriving early, staying an extra hour, and generally giving your best. For example, the golf cart drivers, which I called one of the best jobs in the church, drove in the wind, hail, and rain last week.

I want to thank all of you who serve God week by week in His church.

Fourth, our pastors and staff did an amazing job getting everything ready and making it work. Their hard work showed.

Finally, thanks to you who are new to us for attending. I often say to guests, “Thank you for coming today. Please come back next week.” I wish to say that to you today.


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  1. Brenda Collins
    Mar 17, 2018

    Yes last weekend worked!!! Everything about the service and the new sanctuary was beautiful, just all so beautiful!!! The Holy Spirit was there approving the music and the sermon and just encouraging all!!! FBC Covington is just a very good place to be, thank you all so much for what you do!!!

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