Two Unforgettable Memories

Like most of you, I have vivid memories of a number of things from my childhood. Most of these were simple events that had no longer significance than what happened then and my memories of them.

Other events, such as when my parents told me at age 8 that my grandfather had died, linger on with a tinge of hurt and sorrow.

I have two vivid memories that have affected me spiritually ever since.

The first has to do with my understanding of sin. Long before there was a computer (at lease that I knew about), I saw a computer printout in my mind. It wasn’t a vision that I am aware of but a simple understanding that I was a sinner and that my sin and guilt before God was real.

As I became aware of my great need I saw in my mind a long printer printout from one of the first track printers. The list of my sins went on and on. I was stunned by my tremendous debt.

My second remembrance is just as vivid and so much happier.

In the same way that I understood my sin, I also understood God’s offer of forgiveness by the sacrifice of His Son. At the prompting of my mother, I followed what she quoted to “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16:31).

I had no problem knowing I was a sinner and no problem knowing God is a great and loving Father who forgives sin and makes all things new.

Although I was not aware of Paul’s letter to the Colossians with its wonderful description of God’s canceling my debt, I knew by experience that my debt caused by my sin had been wonderfully canceled and my sin forgiven. I didn’t know that Jesus had nailed that long list of my sins to the cross but I knew of the joy and hope of forgiveness that comes from God Himself.

God’s forgiveness made me free–free from death, free from debt, and free from condemnation.

As I think back over these memories, my understanding of sin was great but my understanding of forgiveness was even greater.

What a wonderful Savior!

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