How to Be a Better Church Member

I love the church. I love the church where I serve, and I love the people of God.

When I am away from the church where I serve I enjoy worshiping with my brothers and sisters whom I have never met. We are one because of Jesus Christ.

Since almost everyone who reads this blog thinks the same as I do about the church, let us ask what we can do to be better members of the body of Christ?

There are so many things we can do to bless the church (prayer, Scripture, and love are basics). Think with me about these areas where we can encourage one another.

First, we can look deeply and honestly at our own lives. I’ve noticed that church people generally want to look at the faults and weaknesses of others rather than their own needs.  The church will not become better until I am willing to become closer to Christ.

Second, we can be better church members as we draw closer to Christ. My greatest need is to be more like Jesus. When that occurs, the church will be a better church and I will be a better church member.

Third, know, learn, and follow Scripture. Wouldn’t your church be a better place if everyone “treated others as they want to be treated?“

We have all we need in the word of God to become better church members. We must let Scripture show us how to grow and mature.

Fourth, you can make your church better by being an example of love, obedience, and faith. We understand that the church has many “spots and blemishes.” We can help others grow more loving and kind by exhibiting that very behavior. People will learn more by what they see than what they are taught.

Fifth, be regular in attendance and giving. Have you noticed that up to this point in the blog I have not asked you to do anything for the church? We bless the church most when we are simply obedient to Christ.

Your attendance and your giving will help the church do ministry better.

Finally, speak positively about the church.

If the church is the bride of Christ and if I love it as I have stated, I will speak positively about it.

Do these things and you will be a better church member.


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