Christians and Hollywood

Martha and I have rekindled our interest in movies. Early in life we both went to the movies. I remember seeing the original Ben Hur with its electrifying chariot race. As we dated we often went to a Sunday afternoon movie.

But then something happened. Christians deserted Hollywood in the 1960’s and movies become darker and darker.

But now, Christians have returned to Hollywood and Hollywood has taken notice (mainly of how much money these wholesome films are making).

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen “I Can Only Imagine” and “Paul, the Apostle.” Both movies were well done and both packed a powerful message. They also both had an element of adventure and excitement to them, something that many people have missed in the recent return of movies with a Christian theme.

“I Can Only Imagine” continues to draw customers. On the night we viewed it, we ran into people who were seeing it for the second or third time. While I really enjoyed, “I Can Only Imagine,” I thought “Paul, the Apostle” was even better.

The movie about Paul, of course, has plenty of conjecture to it. For that matter, a good Bible Study has to have conjecture. Scripture doesn’t give every detail. That is not God’s purpose in Scripture.

Even the conjecture fits what we know of the times and the Scripture. I found “Paul, the Apostle” to be exciting, powerful, Scriptural, moving, and encouraging. The movie is really well done.

I recommend these and other movies to you.

What happened in Hollywood should be a lesson in other areas. If light is removed, only the darkness will be left.

Where will you let your light shine today?

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6 Responses

  1. I also saw both of these movies and thoroughly enjoyed them. Having been in Martha’s Bible studies about Paul made that movie more meaningful. I rarely go to the movies anymore because they are so trashy. Wish we could have some more like these twq.

  2. I agree whole heartedly. That is why Pure Flix’s Mission Statement is to change the culture for Christ. Speaking of Shinhong by a light in the datkness, God’s Not Dead, A Light in the Darkness came out right before Easter. I have to give it a plug because I am invested in Pure Flix. But if you go to Pure (like Net Flix it is on any smart TV) you can get a whole line up of family movies. Including Woodlawn, probably the best football movie EVER about Tony Nathan being the first black athlete at Alabama. Jon Voit plays Bear Bryant. First month is free!

  3. I love all the Christian movies too. Note: I happened to find “Greater” – a Christian movie about football. And a true story. I think Netflix has it and it is worth seeing. I bought it and an extra to give away!

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