Welcome! Bogue Falaya Baptist Church!

Today we continue our emphasis on Celebration as we give thanks for God’s direction and blessings.

We are joined today by the congregation of the Bogue Falaya Baptist Church. This is a special time for us to thank them for their part in the establishment of the First Baptist Church of Covington.

It’s a long story.

In 1810, the area east of the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and the Mississippi state line belonged to Spain and was known as West Florida. Our forefathers fought against Spain and secured their independence. For 90 days the area was known as the Independent Republic of West Florida. This area today from Slidell to Baton Rouge is known as the Florida parishes.

In 1813, the city of Covington was established. Covington did not have a Baptist church until 1904 when a number of people got together to establish a church for Covington. We know of at least 11 charter members of the church though our records indicate there may have been others.

The Bogue Falaya Baptist Church, which had been founded in the midst of the Civil War, sponsored and encouraged the establishment of the First Baptist Church of Covington. Some of their members became charter members of FBC.

Today, we have the opportunity to say thanks for this congregation and to encourage them as they minister in the name of Christ.

It is also a time for us to celebrate how faithful people make a real difference as they serve and minister for our Lord.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Reggie Ogea, Bogue Falaya’s interim pastor (and FBC’s church member), the deacons of Bogue Falaya, and members of the congregation as we worship together.


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