We’re Glad You’re Here!

For the last 29 years I have written this article entitled, Lagniappe, a term meaning “a little something extra.”

While every now and then I have to find something to write, most of the time I haven’t even had to consider to write  because I use this column to write about where we are in the church and where we are going (at least my perception and understanding of where we’re going). Through the years, we’ve had a lot to talk and write about.

I want to write today about where we are. Here’s the way I see it.

Eight weeks ago today we moved our worship services to the new worship center. This has been a wonderful time. I think we’ve all thrilled at how warm and welcoming we find the new worship center to be. Many of you have told me how much you enjoy the new facility and how much it feels like home. While we’ve all had to get oriented and find “our seat,” it really has been an almost painless process. My favorite comment came from someone new who said at Easter, “I just feel more welcome in the new place.”

I think he meant that he loves the new place and that everyone is attempting “to be the face of First Baptist Church” by reaching out in kindness and love to all who attend.

For the record, it seems that our attendance is about 12-13 percent higher than a year ago. We, of course, need a little more time to see how everything settles out.

As we built the building, I feared that the building might feel too big for the number of people attending. I think that we’ve had that fear allayed.

Would you join me at doing your best to continue the legacy that we communicate to everyone in a myriad of ways that “We’re glad you’re here?”



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  1. I love our church! And…by that I mean the people. The new worship center is wonderful because we can see each other and are able to greet one another and welcome people we don’t recognize. God has been truly gracious to us. Thank you Lord for all your blessings on your church.

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