A Great Week

It’s been a great week!

Vacation Bible School has gone really well. We’ve had a great group of volunteers, and we’ve seen a number of children come to know Christ.

On Friday, I spoke with a grandmother who has had two of her grandchildren that don’t go to church accept Christ. What a blessing that has been for the grandmother and what a blessing it will be for those children for the rest of their lives and for all eternity.

It’s been a great year!

Opening our new children and preschool building in September, 2017 and beginning our new schedule got us off to a great start. That followed with the Connection Center (who would have thought it would make such a huge contribution to our church, particularly our “connections” with one another?) and the Worship Center opening in March.

I think we didn’t know how the size of our previous worship center (we now call it Central Hall) limited our attendance. We have, of course, had great attendance since opening in March, but we knew that would happen. It’s impossible to compare March and April 2018 with 2017 because of the excitement of opening the building.

That opening excitement is now behind us and we can compare the four weeks of May 2018 and the first week in June with the same five weeks in the previous year. We’ve had the same events both years–Mother’s Day, High School graduation, Memorial Day, and VBS.

Here’s what we have found.

In those five weeks in 2017 we averaged 1959  in total attendance. In those five weeks in 2018, we have averaged 2354 in total attendance.

Will that attendance hold up? I don’t know, but I know that prayer, faithfulness, openness to new people, and obedience to God matter more than a building.

Let us commit to please God in all our ways and ask Him to bless our efforts (Proverbs 16:3, 7).

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6 Responses

  1. This is really good news!
    I’m thankful FBC Covington continues to position themselves to welcome our community and be a part of the growth that comes with sharing the Love of Jesus Christ!

  2. It is wonderful to see this kind of response, may the ministry of FBC Covington continue its effective efforts in reaching people for Christ.

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