Why I’m Happy to be at the SBC (and Why It’s Hard to be a Pastor)

Martha and I are enjoying a few days in Dallas at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. We are enjoying this time of business and fellowship.

Here’s why.

First of all, we are enjoying seeing so many people we’ve known through the years and who do the kinds of things we do. At dinner last night, we went to a small diner and saw four or five different tables of people we knew from all over the country.

My years teaching at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary gave me the opportunity to meet many people in ministry and to get close to them. I truly appreciate getting to see them and learn how God has used them.

Of special meaning to me is the dinner Martha and I have almost every year with the two people I roomed with at Samford University. The three guys enjoy the time and the wives have grown to love and appreciate one another. I think the wives would meet even if we didn’t.

I am really proud of my two special friends, Al Jackson of Auburn, Alabama, and Rod Minor of Austin, Texas. They both have served the denomination and churches through the years and have been faithful in doing so.

Amazingly, all three of us have served our present churches for over 25 years each. That must be some kind of record for three guys in ministry. None of the three of us knew each other before college. Al and I met at Auburn and we both met Rod when we transferred to Samford (Birminham, Alabama).

Being a pastor is not an easy job to try to accomplish. One day this week, I will try to pin down why it’s so difficult. (Note: a lot of it has to do with who we pastors are as human beings).

I am thankful for special friends I know and of so many I don’t who love God and love His church. That association makes this a happy time.


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5 Responses

  1. So glad you and Martha had that experience together. Hope it was inspirational and refreshing, as it certainly seems to have been. Probably very timely also after the culmination of the building program. My neighbor down the street who lost her husband last year has been blessed by Martha’s teaching, and many of my clients speak of the blessings of your sermons. Y’all’s ministry is far reaching and deep. Thank you.

  2. I didn’t have a chance to read this earlier, Waylon. I’ve read it now, after having just shared that annual dinner with you, Al, and our wives. It’s always a special time but made special because of the friendship you guys have shine to me through the years. Blessings and thanks!

  3. “… friendship you guys have shown to me” (not shine!) Friendship has been much more dependable than predictive text!

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