What Do I Want to Say to the Church?

It’s Thursday morning as I write my “Lagniappe” article for this weekend’s services.

As I have prepared to write this, most of you know I have been “out of the pulpit” for a month due to your gracious encouragement to take time away and unwind. Now I am back and I have one question that needs to be answered by this article: “After being gone for a month, what do I want to say to the church?”

Much of what I want to say can be found in my sermon for today on “The One Percent Rule.” I hope you will listen carefully and take to heart the truths found in Acts 21.

Here are some other areas I want to communicate to you.

First, God has given us a tremendous opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Today, we worship in a new, state of the art facility. This is not for our enjoyment but for God’s glory. It belongs to Him and must be used for Him.

Second, we must use this opportunity to the fullest. Jesus emphasized that our gifts are not ours to please ourselves. They belong to Him and are to be used for His glory. Jesus said, “To whom much is given, much is required” (Luke 12:48). You, I, and First Baptist Church have been given much. Let me encourage you to take the coming months to give your best to God in accordance with His gifts to you.

Third, we must live according to some basic truths: 1) Our only hope is in Christ. He must be proclaimed openly and boldly. 2) Everyone counts. 3) We must share the reason for the hope we have in Christ (1 Peter 3:15).

May God bless His church as we seek to be all He calls us to be.

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