What’s Your Biggest Problem?

What is your greatest problem?

Most of us have a pet issue, something that constantly gets in our way and can’t be overcome. What is yours?

While we don’t all have the same issue, we all have basic issues that harm us, our families, and our church. Jesus talked about issues that we have to deal with. In a very well known passage, the disciples asked Jesus who was the greatest in the kingdom of God (Matthew 18:1-6).

Over the years I have learned that if you will simply listen to people, they will reveal much of themselves. Psychologists often call this projection. Whatever issue with which you struggle, you may be projecting on others. That is, you assume everyone else is doing or thinking what you are.

Jesus’ disciples certainly revealed themselves when they asked, “Who is greatest in the Kingdom of God?” In other texts, we know they often argued among themselves about greatness in the kingdom.

Isn’t this a basic problem we all face? Throughout Scripture, we read about pride and humility. Pride goes before a great downfall. It becomes the reason for our ruin.

We also know in Scripture that God lifts up the humble, but He opposes the proud.

No wonder, Jesus went to great lengths to emphasize humility.

Jesus took a child and showed the twelve that entrance in the kingdom didn’t have to do with greatness but submission and humility.

Humility means that we see who we really are. We recognize our needs.

Many of the Pharisees of Jesus’ time followed the law succinctly but missed its essence. They rejoiced in being “better” than others but did not know that they did not know God.

Here are three emphases to help us deal with pride and selfishness.

First, give all your gifts and talents to God for His glory. Humility is not thinking little of yourself, it is thinking great of God and His glory. When we give ourselves humbly to God for His glory, we begin getting beyond our selfishness and pride.

Second, build up others around you. The truly humble person does not tear others down; the humble person builds others up.

Third, put Jesus and the needs of others first.

In all of these things, ask God to help you with your struggle.

Doing these things and seeking God in prayer will help us as we struggle with the real but deadly issue of pride.


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