Hope for the Future–What You Can Do

Earlier in the week I wrote about having a sense of hope for the future for the growth of the kingdom. If you would like to read “A Sense of Hope,” go to waylonbailey.com. I think you will be encouraged to read a few wonderful things happening in our country and also around the world.

There are many reasons to have hope. I can sense the hunger of people for the light and for the truth.

Of course, the biggest reason for hope is what Christ has done. Our hope is in Him alone. He has done for us what we can’t do for ourselves.

What can you do to help bring a lost world to Christ?

First, live holy lives. Many people want to know they don’t have to live the way they always have. Your faithfulness to God and to His Word will encourage others and possibly pull them toward the church and Christ. I define holiness as “doing everything God wants and nothing He doesn’t.” Live in holiness.

Second, pray daily. Ask God to give you your neighborhood for Christ. Ask Him to open doors and show you the way. I often pray that God would open a door for me. Then I commit to Him that I will walk through that door.

Third, serve in the church. Find a place to minister. The church and your satisfaction will be greater when you are a server and a giver.

Fourth, give faithfully and sacrificially. Lay up treasure in heaven.

Finally, look for every opportunity to talk about our Savior. He is the hope of the world. People will not be saved and spend eternity in heaven without knowing Christ. Please help them to do so.

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