Our New Office Building

The construction on our campus is almost complete (we do have other areas to update and reconfigure which will be discussed below). We are thankful for the amazing buildings which have been built and the opportunities those bring for our ministry.

This week the fire marshall comes and the contractor and architects start work on the punch list. If all goes as planned, we will move in the week of September 17. During that week, we may have to work from our cell phones, but we should be able to move forward with our normal ministries and activities. At this time, we don’t expect any disruption to our normal schedules.

The new office building means that we will move our offices to the front of the new construction and adjacent to the South Entrance and right next door to our new worship center. We are all excited to move into a new modern office complex. For the first time in years, we will have all of our pastors and assistants under the same roof. All those who had offices in other buildings will move to the new complex as well. We are hopeful this new building will help with our efficiency and planning.

As a result of this new building, we will soon begin the renovation of our present office space to be used by our Special Friends ministry. Our present location will call for minimal renovation consisting of new flooring and wall coverings and themeing similar to our preschool and children’s area. We are excited about this new aspect of our very large and significant Special Friends ministry.

Thank you for your giving through the years to make all of this happen. When the remainder of our Rise Up! and Forward! campaigns are complete, we should have the funds for the renovation. Please continue to pray for the ongoing work of our ministry and expansion.

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